Pray(Fear of Death,Servile or just plain old simple Insecurity….??!!!)

Praying, is this quality good or bad?
Even being a skeptic, I have to admit that I do get some relief when I sit and close my eyes and contemplate. I guess this may sound like praying, but in a very non-religious way. I presume, one can be unfaithful, dishonest to others but never to himself, because he cannot hide the truth from himself. Now, once in a while confiding to one’s self, realizing what you did wrong, calmly thinking and negotiating in one’s own mind is definitely a relief. Which is perfectly normal, and I guess inevitable sometimes to a religious person via a prayer. After all we are human beings not super beings, everybody needs some counseling and not everybody can afford a shrink!! Right?!!

Praying religiously is just another manifestation of psychological relief. My kind of prayer is a simple one(I don’t like that word though!!). I would just close my eyes, wish myself  best of luck before an exam or sit and breath  calmly in case of something important, as simple as that. So, in simple terms that’s what a prayer is or should be for an atheist/agnostic/skeptic  or rather anybody. Religious people call it praying, but I would rather call it..errr..Stress Busting, I guess. For me especially, its appalling sometimes, I don’t understand, how praying has turned out in various religions . In Islam for example, one has to pray 5 times daily, no matter what happens. Even if its the Armageddon, one has fall down on his knees and start praying not once but be servile and beg for 5 times. Ironically for skeptic like me, I would rather say all my childhood prayers,festivals,were  fun, loving experiences!!. Probably, luckily,for me, even being in one of the most religious castes, my parents were never orthodox. I was always looking forward to any religious festival, not because I was religious but only because it was fun. I mean there was good food being prepared, loads of friends and cousins coming and going. It was more of a social gathering to me than a religious ceremony. I am not specifying that, this is always the case in Hindu societies, there are many cases where a person is obsessed with prayers or frequent ceremonies, visits to holy shrines. This kind of obsession really surprises me, I cannot contemplate that a person definitely has to go to a holy shrine in order to say his prayers(even though again!!, that’s not a compulsion in Hindu philosophy!!!). Duuuh….helloooo…god is supposed to be omnipresent yo!!(imagine this phrase  in a Jesse Pinkman accent from Breaking Bad…lol.anyway..). God’s supposed to be everywhere!!right?. Why the hell then you would you like to climb 7 mountains and then go and pray. It can be a fun trekking trip though. Well climbing 7 mountains can be a relief to some, I can get that too, But why!!! The thing is, a religious kind of prayer,I guess probably could be a good gesture when considering only with respect to  psychological relief.
But if rationally weighed, every religious person should always ask one question to himself, “What if  I am talking to an Imaginary friend!?”
What I mean is, its really silly for a religious person to pray. Yeah, that’s no typo there, Its  REALLY SILLY for a religious person to pray..Why? You ask!! read on…
One thing every religious person will and should agree on, is that God is an Omnipotent God, Omnipresence, Omniscient and of course Omnibenevolent. No religious person should deny this fact. If you deny this, well god definition is different to you then!, and that would be different discourse on a different day entirely. Anyway, now if god is all knowing, always/everywhere present and having total knowledge, then why ask him for anything in the first place!!, will he not provide!!. Does god not know what good and bad is? Do we have to always remind him, bribe him in a temple in order to get what we want. Now, before I say anything else, dont give me bull crap that one has not been devoted enough..blah blah..I dont want that crap. But why do we want to ask him in first place?. The desires we have good or bad,  devoted or not devoted, are made in our brain, which is made by god himself, right?!, then why put bad thoughts, less devotion  in our brains in the first place!!! Flippin hell!! Can you contemplate that!!!.

Well is god not omniscient?, then why remind him. Is god not omnipresent, then why go places to pray. Is god not omnipotent, then why remind him of his ultimate authority. A different answer/question totally arises from praying, and that  is, Is god really there?!!! Consciously or unconsciously a prayer to a very religious person is a cry for help, a cry asking god to come back to his terms, a cry to remind him of his duties. These thoughts should always ponder in the mind of a religious person when he prays. But they bloody don’t!!!!!???!! again, that’s an entirely different blog topic!!!!
Anyway, so finally, why pray????Only one thing crosses my mind again and again and again! And that is psychological relief only. For a religious person believing in a supernatural being and then begging him/praying to him will definitely bring him some relief. If that’s the only purpose, purpose I mean in achieving psychological relief, I have no hassle against it. But, if one is really obsessed with prayers I think he has real psychological problems or rather personal serious problems which he cannot confide to his friends, family. Hence, has to confide to a non-existent being.
I am a skeptic and will always be, but I am not at all against religious people praying(I’m against religion itself, I pity people praying actually). I have got friends and family who are very religious and we really do  sometimes get into nice and healthy discourses. If I offended anyone so far, I’m sorry…….OIYEE.. one minute…why the hell should I apologize, why did you read so far if you were offended, FLIP OFF. I take back my apology…Go and pray and do whatever rings your bell….Thanks.



My intro


by Dilip Mantripragada

Faith —> Agnostic —> Atheistic —-> Total annihilation of god.

The views represented here are purely my views, my way of interpreting life. Now, my dear reader, if you are wondering what this is about, it is just my being skeptic on some worldly/earthly matters. Now worldly things I mean literally worldly, I even consider the concept of god and ghosts and other such things as worldly, nothing supernatural. I would like to emphasize to you that, I am not on a journey to prove the existence or rather non existence, of any supernatural being, frankly, neither you nor me know everything in this universe. I would rather take a scientific aspect than a baseless creationism/intelligent designer /religious views. These are purely my views. So if you do like these views or share some/all of these views, welcome to the bandwagon. If you think that you would be sinning yourself or offending your god, this is the point to stop reading and go back to your daily chores. If you would like to continue reading as a critic or a skeptic or as a religious cleric investigating me and my free thought, I suggest you read and consider it in a healthy perspective.

I can give you a nice example of you understanding my perspective. Consider a religion other than yours. There would be a number of beliefs in this religion that you would not follow or even sometimes consider silly. But for a person in this particular religion it is pretty serious shit. According to this other religion you might have already sinned and are doomed to hell for all eternity.

But thats not at all bothering you why? Because, you are not of that religion or care less about that religion and are really contempt with whatever your belief system(religion/faith) is. Now here, there is not much difference between you and me. Putting it simply, I feel the same assurance or contempt in not believing any religion at all. There is a small catch here but, I don’t like to call my atheistic/skeptic view a belief. I would like to call it free thought. I hope you got my point. Just think in your perspective that my religion is free thought, it will not bother you just like other religions wouldn’t.
Belief system!!! Yes thats what l think a religion is. Elaborated, a belief is just another synonym for a lie. A lie with which one tries to explain to himself or much worse, to others, when he cannot comprehend or get to the actual scientific/logical conclusion.

As a final note, this is a quote from a book I read recently read by Pascal Boyer an anthropologist/historian:

——Is religious belief a mere leap into irrationality as many skeptics assume? Psychology suggests that there may be more to belief than the suspension of reason. Religious beliefs and practices are found in all human groups and go back to the very beginnings of human culture. What makes religion so ‘natural’? Here I want to discuss one particular view of religion, popular among skeptics, that I call the “sleep of reason” interpretation. According to this view, people have religious beliefs because they fail to reason properly. If only they grounded their reasoning in sound logic or rational order, they would not have supernatural beliefs, including superstitions and religion. I think this view is misguided, for several reasons; because it assumes a dramatic difference between religious and commonsense ordinary thinking, where there isn’t one; because it suggests that belief is a matter of deliberate weighing of evidence, which is generally not the case; because it implies that religious concepts could be eliminated by mere argument, which is implausible; and most importantly because it obscures the real reasons why religion is so extraordinarily widespread in human cultures.

– Boyer, Pascal (2004). Why Is Religion Natural? Skeptical Inquirer Magazine, March 2004.