Pic of the Day: Freedom?

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  1. The pic looks appealing but the meaning of freedom is twisted in this pic.

    Freedom to love is always there with all. Freedom to show in public is a choice either personnel or religious. If it is a personal choice then the % of public show will be more thereby having adverse effect on social behaviour. If it is religious then there is no choice for that event (love in public) because the choice is already made (by choosing religion).


  2. Sir, can u not see a “question mark” after freedom. I am not saying its freedom.. I am pondering whether its freedom. I also did not pose a question “Freedom from religion?” or Freedom of romance?….All i said was “Freedom?”. Coming to the next point on personal choice, when u say “public show” what do you exactly mean. This comment is called a non-sequitir in the debate world. You missed premise here and have assumed,translated(imaginatively exaggerated) to a couple cuddling/kissing each other to various kinds of vile act affecting the society. Look at the picture, it obvious both the couple are from different cultures. Kissing and cuddling in public is not an adverse affect, in the west. It could be an immediate head turner in India but definitely not an adverse effect to the social structure!!!. Having sex in public suddenly is an adverse effect in both the eastern and western worlds I guess. Well coming to last point I kind of agree with you not entirely but partly.
    Let me say what I agree about, yes religions some times make us do some things without thinking. We just do it because it makes us feel good. I am not against that unless it harms me.
    Coming to choice, we have always preferred choice, whether a person religious or non religious. We very easily ignore the bad messages and embrace the good points in the religious scriptures. The final point I am trying to make is, good or bad whatever morality, they coming from us not from the religious scriptures.

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