Pic of the Day: Science vs. Religion




  1. Sir, you queried me on my blog about how thoughtful I as a religious person (a Catholic) am- have I ever thought like an atheist; you ask, “did you ever think with respect to reason, free thought, and most importantly, evaluating evidence with respect to miracles, faith/religious issues or is it just blind faith?”

    I am not sure exactly what you might mean by “free thought” but I doubt you mean it strictly. All thought is bound by laws of logic which must be followed if we are to make any sense of anything we say to one another. So then, “free thought” would then be thought that is free of logical mistakes- that is, valid and sound reasoning. But I am thinking that maybe (more like quite likely) you mean thought that is free from religious bias. Is that fair? I will assume it is for now… please correct me if I am wrong. I do not think that the definition just mentioned can be actually held. I do not think that we can completely free ourselves of religious prejudices or biases. Maybe then we will modify the definition to say, “the attempt to free ourselves of religious biases in thought.” That would be softer and closer (I think) to reality. But I do not think that we actually can do that. Evolution, stem cells… wow!! need a lot of time and space to write about these things! 🙂

    Yes, I have wondered if God is for real, or just my imagination… I guess most folks do. Yes, I have checked out the arguments for and against. I have come to firmly believe that there is no evidence in the least against the existence of God and overwhelming evidence for the existence of God. It might be nice to hear from you the best evidence you know of that shows beyond reasonable doubt that there is no God, or (showing beyond reasonable doubt is an unfair requirement for an atheist) even that the preponderance of the data (more than 50%) would lead to the conclusion that one is at least more justified in a numbers game to be at least agnostic if not atheistic. I do not get to hear from “easterners” that are atheists too often- like never- and I am interested if your arguments are any different that those my fellow westerners make.

    I think I could cite a very long list of philosophers that are at the very tip top of any list of the greatest philosophers ever that believed in God. Plato, Aristotle, Sts. Augustine, Anslem, Thomas Aquinas, Bonaventure, etc. Also, Duns Scotus, Descartes, Locke, etc. I would recommend thinking hard about Anselm’s ontological argument. Most people give it a hand wave… Don’t do that! You will not be a free thinking, reasonable fellow who looks at the evidence and goes where the evidence leads if you do that. Bonaventure’s expansion of Anselm’s argument as Josef Seifert’s exposition of Bonaventure are impregnable.

    Also, the “pic of the day” is quite demeaning since it presents an utterly false stereotype of what faith is and is all about. There is nothing free thinking, considering all the evidence, about promulgating a false idea. If it were true, I would be fine it. But since it is false and misleading I take issue with it. Please, no offense to you as I took no offense at you. I am sorry that some religious folks get angry with you for asking questions. Maybe your pic of the day is directed at them… for them it might be an accurate description. But it should not be universally applied to all people who profess faith.

    Thank you for your question and I look forward to your response!

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