First total gene transplant..Wow…Playing god!!!Nice :-)

What a wonderful news, I hate to not blog about this and love it when there are such breakthroughs in science.
All credit goes to Carole Lartigue and a group of colleagues/Scientists at the J.Craig Venter Institute who have successfully completed the first bacterial genome transplantation, literally changing one species to another….Wowww!!..Changing the species…wonderful…thats like reverse engineering and hacking Brahma’s, god of Genesis’/Allah’s….well….in general god’s brain…Cool.
Such news sends a small chill or maybe a sigh of distress/disgust, down the spine of all those religious fundamentalists/creationsists, especially when there are significant developments in the fields of Biological sciences. They know far in the corners of their mind that these scientists have once again played with their god’s creation and are pondering why god is not retaliating?!!.
Well..anyway its a fantastic news for me, though I think there would definitely be some ethical debates on this topic.

Please do check these links for more information.

JCVI Scientists Publish First Bacterial Genome Transplantation Changing One Species to Another

First successful gene transplant a success | Tech news blog – CNET


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