Alternative!!!!?? Medicine!!!

I always pondered on this particular term, alternative medicine. Well I think medicine is medicine alternative or not, if there are enough tests done, for example the double blind test, which is one of the best proven methods . In pharmaceutical industry, this I think is one of the proved method to finally put a working medicine in the market.

I wonder , why?!!, would somebody come up with the term alternative medicine?! If they really work should they not be called medicine.  Why don’t we get homeopathy in normal medical shops!? Because they all don’t work?, maybe this is a scam industry? This is not me saying, this is the research saying.

Check this website. That is why these people coin and come up with terms like alternative medicine. Acupunture, Heomeopathy, voodoo magic, whatever …..etc..,are still alternative medicines, they are yet to be proved or proved false on scientific/medical grounds.

All I am trying to say is…it is really simple if these products/procedures work, with various research and tests and what will be included in mainstream medicine that is it. As simple as that.

I remember, when I was a kid one of my uncle… who is a self made homeopath out of some book he purchased at the corner of the street, always used to get these test tube kinda bottles with tiny white balls. Imagine becoming a open heart surgeon or a pharmacist just by reading book out of the corner of the street. You will sued your ass off.

Well anyway on this note, a pic of the day from  Alternative medicine, the term!!!…ugh..a bunch of BS


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