Wtf!!!?? This is Madness!!!!

Well..well well well…frankly speaking I had a quite a hearty laugh after I read this article. Later, well, I thought what the hell, this is madness. Well first before you read the actual report, let me rant something about this.
Ok..It seems that a cleric from a prestigious Egyptian university called Al-Azhar sat down to think what else can he do to ameliorate the current most peaceful religion!!! So what does he do…listen to this….he issues the most ridiculous Fatwa I ever heard(not that every other fatwa was meaningful or I heard every fatwa ever issued).

Ok, anyway, Firstly, let me give you a little background on a particular Islamic rule. Its quite simple rule actually, which just says that a muslim boy and a muslim girl should not be alone together or have a relationship, ofcourse unless married. The assumption here of course is that an illicit relationship must be occurring if a man and woman are alone whether at work or elsewhere.

Anyway so this cleric who had nothing else to do other than rewriting the words of Prophet Muhammed, issues a fatwa as follows to do some justice to his fellow people:
Ezzat Attiya, head of the Al-Azhar’s Department of Hadith (teachings of the Prophet Muhammad) has decreed that if a man breastfeeds from a woman then a maternal bond is created, thus allowing the two to work together without raising suspicion of an illicit sexual relationship.

What?????!!!!!!maternal bond?????!!!! I swear how the hell can that kind of gesture look normal. Just imagine, at your work place, you are really hungry(just imagine alright), and someone catches you suckling a lactating mammary gland…..I wonder, I really really wonder, what reason/s you can give to justify your hunger/thirst/act. Maybe you can say she is your wife or you can say that she is your mother or you a following the preachings of Ezzat Attiya.
I would bet a million pounds that anybody who catches you in that act, would definitly think you are in a illicit realtionship. Illicit!!!? I would rather say a cheeky, kinky relationship. This fatwa would be like a license to the people in Egypt to break the shambles. Maybe this professor had enough, he wanted an excuse, I guess. This is not a slander on Islam. I know Islam is a religion of peace!!! and I also know that anyone who doesn’t agree, will be killed!!He, he just kidding. Maybe this professor is really smart,kinky, who knows.

Wondering what Prophet Muhammed(may peace be upon him!!!!???) would think of this.

Egypt: Fatwa allows breast-feeding among adults | Jerusalem Post:



  1. many things in the bhagavat gita are pure madness though. Before you point fingers at one’s religion first check your own =)

  2. Well Saleena….I agree..there is a lot of madness in vedas, bhagvat gita, bible, quran..All I want to say..we pick and choose what we want from these old scriptures/books. We pick the good ones and ignore the bad ones. All I am saying is, if you want to be moral please do it what you feel right. Finally, I dont think morality only comes from these old books..
    Sorry if I offended you..Believe it or not, I am a huge critic of my religion.

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